NBSL Funding

North East Business Support Fund

Up to 35% grant funding available for projects between the value of £3000 and £8000.

Funding Calculator

£3000 £8000
Potential Funding Amount £1925

What types of projects does the grant cover?

If you are a small to medium sized business operating out of Northumberland or Tyne & Wear, you may be eligible for grant funding of up to 35% for projects costing between £3000 and £8000. Use the funding calculator above to determine how much funding may be available towards your next business improvement project. The types of projects eligible for funding can be found below.

  • Business growth planning
  • Strategy Development
  • Change Management
  • Business Expansion Planning
  • Product development / diversification
  • Developing Quality Management Systems
  • Process improvement systems
  • Financial restructuring
  • Marketing planning
  • Web design / development
  • Accessing new markets
  • Succession planning
  • HR Strategy planning and development
  • Design costs for marketing
  • Video production
  • Development of Animations

Frequently asked questions

Is your business based in Northumberland or Tyne & Wear? Do you have plans to grow turnover or employ more staff? Then you may be eligible to apply for funding from the North East Business Support Fund (NEBSF). Note, your business must be trading already and be classed as a small/medium sized enterprise (SME). This means that you must employ fewer than 250 people and have a turnover of less than €50M.

NBSL make the process of applying for funding extremely straight forward. See the main six steps of any successful grant application process:

  1. You fill out an application form on the NBSL website.
  2. NBSL will then confirm your businesses eligibility for grant funding. We will then provide you with a proposal including a quote to submit to NBSL within 2 weeks.
  3. An NBSL advisor will then visit you, provide you with a funding contract and the project can officially begin.
  4. We will then work with you to complete the project.
  5. You will then pay us in full for total project value.
  6. NBSL will then review the project and you’ll be able to claim up to 35% of the total project value back.

To be eligible for a grant, your business must be based in the Northumberland or Tyne & Wear local authority area – this means you must pay your business rates (or council tax if home based) to either Northumberland, Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, North Tyneside or South Tyneside Council.

To check whether your business is eligible, please use this link to confirm that the company’s registered address (or your home address for a sole trader) is in the local authority area.

No – you can’t. NBSL’s North East Business Support Fund can’t provide support for projects that have either already began or have already been completed. Do not start your project in any way unless you have received your signed contract pack.

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Are you eligible and ready to get started?

Strive Digital are a registered provider for NBSL’s North East Business Support Fund and have lead clients successfully through the process on a number of occasions. Ready to apply? Click the button below to make a NEBSF grant application.

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